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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Changi Airport Terminal 2 - Departure Hall

Continuing with Changi Airport. This is the Terminal 2's Departure Hall. It's at the time where there are not many flights. Most flights are coming in.

Flights depart from 3 different Terminals in Singapore. Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Budget Terminal. Soon Terminal 3 will be ready.

Different airlines use different Terminals. The following airlines operate from Terminal 2. Air Canada, Air France, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa German Airlines, Malaysia Airline System, Philippine Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, SilkAir, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways. All others are at Terminal 1.


Anonymous said...

now i finally understand why my comments always fail to get through here. well all my fruitful comments were about food.. yummy tiramisu and mouth watering satays. checkin daily on your site.. to get a feel of home...:-) keep it up!

Jazzy said...

wow, great airport, so modern it really looks nice.

great perspective - you can see check in desks for miles.

JaamZIN said...

why nobody there? people doesnt want to fly?:)

Unknown said...

Hi Kaa

I just had more Jap food last nite. Friend from overseas came and a bunch of yes went to feast. Very tempted to post the pics, but if I do, the blog will become a Singapore Daily Food Pix instead. haha..

Hi Jazzy,
It's just finished the million dollar refurbishment, that's why it is so nice now.

Hi Zsolt72,
I took the picture at around 7 pm. The time where there were fewer flights flying off.

It's one of the busiest airport in Asia though.