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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ezlink, the public transport payment card.

Do you take public transport? In Singapore, taking public transport is very convenient. To make things easier, there's a RFID card which we use to pay for public transport. It's called the EZLink card.

Using it is really simple. On buses, you just need to bring it near the entrance reader and it will detect it. When you get down the bus, do the same, it will then calculate how much the cost is and deduct your card accordingly.

You can also use the card on the train system. Well, this card also feeds you! Yes, you can pay for your burger at McDonalds too.

Here's the picture of the card. There are new designs now, this is the old design.

Do you have such public transport payment card in your country?


Fay said...

So it seems that the payment method in Singapore is similar to that in Hong Kong... Among the cities I've been to/lived in, say, Beijing, Guangzhou, New York City, Boston and Hong Kong, probably HK has the most automated public transportation in terms of how you pay (note that I've never been to S'pore!). Seriously, nothing even comes close in cities in the United States. Therefore, I always fondly remember such convenience when I am tumbling for cash to get on the "T" (trolley, as what they're called here, or, in more common terms for you guys, subway) in Boston...

Unknown said...

Hi Fay. Yes I think the Singapore EZLink card is similar to HK's Octopus Card.

Yes, just happen to day that I brought a nearly zero value card out and after one trip, I had to user coins. It was so inconvinient looking for coins!

The ezlink and octopus card both use Felica technology from Sony Japan. Do an internet search, for those who wants to find out more about Felica.

abcd said...

your creativities add colors to this little small island... very warm hearted. well done guy.

Unknown said...

Thanks Pink Ginger!