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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Space Age Series - Saturday

How do you communicate or keep contact with people from outer space? Well, maybe people working in this building are doing it right now...

The satellite dish is looking up right now, sometimes it is pointing at the side towards the building opposite. Sometimes I have too rich an imagination, I can picture blue or red rays shooting from the satellite to rival buildlings. (Maybe I grew up watching too much cartoons.)

Guess what. After a successful contact people on the moon, folks from the moon sent some of their cakes over. Here's a picture of a mooncake. It's Double Yolk with Lotus Seed Paste.


*Latest News* We made contact! The satellite made contact with the Space Age Twin Towers in KL. View it here at the KLDP.


Ricardo said...

nice photos

Jing said...

and this one is my favorite~~~
can i taste it??
..hello from shanghai...jing

Anonymous said...

mooncake! yum! yum! I tasted a few samples yesterday...pandan and green tea are nice too! try them! =)

Eric said...

Hi there and happy Saturday (Sunday)! I'm passing on this link to the other DP Asia bloggers in case it's of interest to you. Best Blogs in Asia. Just found it and thought of you all.

Kris said...

*_* shutting my eyes! dont wanna see things which i cant taste in near future:D

Unknown said...

Ricardo, thanks for stopping by.

Jing, ning2 hao3. Huan1 ying2.

Min, ya, will try those. heard that they even have lychee mooncakes! goodness!

Eric, will check out the best blogs thingy.

Kris, oh sure u can taste them. If you know anyone going to Hungary from Asia, ask them to bring some over.

Anonymous said...

not anonymous anymore :) Give me the egg yolk and the skin and you can have the rest.