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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is it clean enough?

Everyone says Singapore is a very clean city. Yes it is! We got to thank all the armies of cleaners that are working everyday to keep the city spick and span.

The following photo must be familiar with most people. The trolley that the cleaner pushes that has all the things they need to clean up our mess.

This trolley seems very empty though. Anyone here a clean freak? Or are you a messy fella? Hmmm...


Jing said...

umm...I think maybe I belong to the clean freak... :D
But in my apt, you cant find these stuffs. :)
hee hee...I am the CLEAN Jing

Unknown said...

So, Jing is very "gan jing" :-P

I am mad about cleaniness at times, sometimes I cant be bothered and can be so messy...

Meg said...

Such a clear photo!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Clear crisp photo, great lines, great colours. I'm not a cleaning freak, usually only make an effort when I have visitors. My kids grew up with lots of germs around and they are the healthiest you can think of!