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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coffee and Desserts - The Continuation....

These are part of yesterday's desserts. I will show max of 4 pics again.
Coffee Club is one place that my colleagues and I love to go. We usually go for the mud pies. Nope, not shown here today :-p

Their menu. You can find Coffee Club on the net, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

A cup of cappucino. Served with cinnamon sticks. (for you to stir your drink :-p )

This is something new on the menu. Apple Crumble Ala Mode. The Apple is nice and warm with crunchy peanut on top, served with Vanilla Ice-cream.

This is Tiramisu. Soft and delicious, sweet while retaining the flavor of chocolate. Our vote for the day went to the Apple Crumble. You should try it when you visit.


Anonymous said...

muddy mud pie still the best ..... coffee club offers the biggest servings i've tried so far :))

edwin s said...

you're bloody evil! you've posted all my favourites and it's not even 'scratch-n-sniff'!

and Coffee Club in KL is an embarassment to all coffee places :(

Unknown said...

Hi Santy,

I am more of a chocolate lover actually :-) Coffee smells good, my colleague had that cup.

Welcome to PhotoDaily. Yeah. Mud Pies are super yummy, especially the ones at Coffee Club.

I see your weak point is food. It's not scratch and sniff but I can desribe in detail the food.

The Apple Crumble is warm. Its about the temp of water microwaved at around 15 seconds on high on a 1000Watt oven.

The apples would most probably be Granny Smith, (Green Apples) because they are best for cooking. It is not overpowerly sweet, but has a slightly sourish sweet. The texture of the apple is soft but not mushy. It's like the melons in Chinese Winter Melon Soup. Soft and still need you to softly bite it.

The peanuty topping taste like cheesecake base. It is crushed not too finely so that you can still bite it.

The sweetness of it comes from the vanilla ice cream. It compliments the sourish sweet apple. I think some maple syrup was swirlled over as well. A dosh of ice cream on a piece of apple and some topping, put them in your mouth and ahh....

The ice cream also not of those ciplak brands and not those low fat crap kind. No hints of those icy bits, but very creamy.

Aiya, lain kali nak makan, datang ke Singapura. Aku belanja. Siapa faham ayat atas, pun turut di jemput. haha...

Jenny said...

Wow, incredible looking food!! Great photos too. Thanks for visiting my blog. Can you tell me how you get such large-size photos on your blog through Beta? The only way I could do it before was with Hello, which isn't working now.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the coffee is, the cinamon stick would cost more than the cup of coffee over here! Coffee about $2.50 - $3 Aust, bag of 2 cinammon sticks about $7 !!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny,

Your blog's great that was why it is worth visiting :) For my photos, I take them mostly in 1MB size, I use Macromedia Fireworks to shrink the canvas size to 50% of the orig. This somehow brings my filesize to usually around average of 35KB or less which makes loading less painful for those who do not have broadband.

I then use blogspot to upload the file, select file and upload. Not using Hello or via Picasa, some pple do that.

There would be two photos uploaded by bloggger beta. I use the bigger size one, thats how it appears big here. Hope that helps answering your question. Can email you more details if you want.

Its very quick. I use around 5-10 mins during lunch break to resize, upload and write a few words :-)

G'day John,

That cup of cappucino cost around or less than 2 cinnamon sticks in Melb.

Cinnamon sticks are cheap here. Its like around 7 sticks in a container and cost like SGD1 / AUD0.85 hehe... Maybe in Melb, try getting it from shops in Little Bourke St, Richmond or Springvale.

Your pictures are great. Love viewing them.

Jazzy said...

Keropok this is really evil, wow, hard to comment, I’m putting on weight just by looking at it - just joking - great you shared these with us =)