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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Changi Terminal 2 Departure Hall (again...)

Check in counters at Terminal 2. There was a time where there were X-ray machines, etc all outside. Where you have to queue up once to get things scanned and another time to check in.

Nowdays, to make things easier for passengers, you just check-in your luggage, everything else would be done in the background. Heard they have super power x-ray machines too.

Those machines in the middle are self service check in counters, for those without luggage?


Jazzy said...

if i was to come to this airport there's no chance i'd get lost, after seeing you photos.

thanks for showing us your shiny airport =)

~tanty~ said...

I've been to Changi airport many times. Maybe I will be there again early November :)
Nice shot!

Unknown said...

Hi Jazzy,

You most probably won't get lost. If you do, shout for help. hehe..

Changi Airport's the Airport of the Year for 2006.

Hi Tanty,

Oh, coming to Singapore? Selamat Datang!