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Monday, September 18, 2006

Malaysia in Singapore...

There's a strip of long Malaysia land in Singapore. It's the railway belonging to Keretapi Tanah Melayu. (Malayan Railway). This strip of land starts from Tanjong Pagar near the Financial District all the way to Woodlands. (and then across the causeway into Malaysia, all the way till Thailand).

The stones on the tracks have recently been refurbished. You can also see 775.75 on the sign. I guess this must mean KM 775.75, but from where? KL?


Denton said...

The gauge of the tracks appear to be very narrow. I will have to do some Google research to see if Malaysia uses a different track gauge than is used in the US.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keropok man,

Thanks for that warm welcome!

Your photos looked great! Which camera are you using?

Unknown said...

Denton: Ya, the tracks in of a different gauge. They are smaller, so the speed is a bit slow. There's another train service called the ERL that has wider tracks, and that's the express train. It's only from KL Sentral (the train hub) to the KL International Airport only.

Zannnie: I am a converted Sony fan now. Most photos are taken using the Sony W1, ya i know its ancient. Others are taken using the Sony H1.