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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Frenzy flower planting in the CBD / Tourist Belt

If you happen to be anywhere in the CBD or tourist spots these few days, you will see lots and lots of beautiful potted flowers everywhere. Lorries loaded with hundreds of pots and water tankers to water the plants and clean up the roads. (yes, water tankers will water the plants and make sure the soil, mud is wash off the roads too, leaving everything clean. this is Singapore! haha...)

I think these are yellow Chrysanthemum, they are still in the small bulbs, in a few days times when visitors from all over the world arrive for the IMF/Work Bank meetings, it will be in full bloom.

Workers are busy transplanting them from pots to the ground. I wonder how many plants he has transplanted these few weeks. This photo was taken right along busy Orchard Road, wheel barrow along side all the cars...

1 comment:

Edulabbe said...

Those flowers really cheer the street up. You have nice pictures. I'd love to visit Singapore!
Greetings from Chile!