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Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Breed of Hip and Flat Cows.

These cows invaded Singapore the last time, and cause a mad cow frenzy disease. Everyone was wondereing what it was.

This time it is back again, celebrating its anniversary!

Do you know they actually have names? The one in front is Marilyn. The one behind is Michael. Can you see the similarity with the stars they are named after? :-)


Zannnie said...


edwin s said...

woah! last year they were simple b&w cows and now they have outfits!

Anonymous said...

wah lots of bling..Love it !

Victor said...

Hmm... (looking at Marilyn's photo). And I thought that a cow's tits are supposed to be at its back?

Meg said...

Marilyn, for sure. Michael, now that you mention. Such Bling-Bovines you have.