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Monday, November 19, 2007

NUS: Say Yes! - Making a difference to our students.

This is spotted on the NUS Internal Shuttle Service. Say Yes! to NUS Annual Giving. Making a difference to our students.

NUS Students, Staff and Alumni, have you considered giving? I will be.
I am sure many students will benefit from it.

Read more it at

Visitors from DailyPhotoBloggers, do universities in your city have fund raising activities? Do you contribute to it?


Olivier said...

A Évry nous avons une très grande université, cela me fait penser qu'il faudrait que je prenne des photos de l'université, en ce moment elle est en grève, alors pour plus tard

A Evry we have a very large university, it makes me think that I need to take pictures of the university, at the moment it is on strike, then later

Ming the Merciless said...

I read somewhere that NUS was rated one of the Top 10 best universities in the world.

UM fell off the Top 200 list. Oh, how embarrassing.

Ming the Merciless said...

P.S.: Do you know how to make the word verification word less complicated? I mean instead of ubrvepde, is it possible to make it spell happy instead?

ro_pumpkin said...

no , they don't have .
i remember first time going to the nus with my friend . we got lost ... hahaha . it's very big and very impressive . and the food court was nice and sooo cheap .

Lynette said...

I've enjoyed looking at your recent posts. As for my favorite library books, I like mystery novels best.

Kate said...

Yes, our colleges and universities are relentless re. giving: mailings and telephone calls. Yes, I give to both the liberal arts college and the vet med. school. My husband gives to his colleges plus a professional organization and his high school regularly asks for contributions, too. That's a lot of requests!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I am reading and I'm without words 'cause in Italy we don't have anything like that and no (bad again) we aren't used to contribute to any fund raising.

I feel bad, we're so primitive...

Unknown said...

i heard that public transport is on strike in France.

This year the criteria changed and NUS is no longer in the top 10. We shall see how it comes out next year.

Not sure how to make the verification simpler though. Without it, I get so much spam! So had to turn it on.

RO Pumpkin,
Haha you only remember the food eh?

Thanks! I enjoy posting it up as well

I know! I get request from my undergrad college from down under and post grad here. They are all after your money. haha...

Hmm how interesting that Italian universities do not ask their alumni for funds. That's so nice.

Gwen said...

Here I think it is a better idea to fund public colleges rather than private, which seem to have adequate funding already.