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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Orchard Road Light Up Story

The Orchard Road Light up is an annual event that attracts both locals and tourist to the Orchard Road shopping belt. If you happen to be in Singapore right now, you should not be sitting in front your computer now, go take a look!

Here are some more photos of the annual light up. I posted some the lights few days ago. This is the main arch of the light up.

If you walk further away, you get to see the entrance arch and also the rows and more rows of lights behind.

So...., what's the story? (You mean there's a story?? yes!)
Read on....

You can also visit the website that is specially created for the light up by the Singapore Tourism Board. The theme this year is Christmas in the Tropics.

Friends from overseas, have you heard of the famous Orchard Road Christmas light up?
Locals, how many hundreds of pictures have you also taken of the light up? :-)


ro_pumpkin said...

is it just me or it could be too much ? the official light up , the official site , the official story , the map , the photo gallery , blablabla . i know that the decorations are great , the lights show is amazing but let's face it , for most singaporeans christmas is just another reason for shopping (if they need a reason) . so organized , so many details , so perfect . don't get me wrong , it's a lot better this way than the romanian way but sometimes too perfect is too much .

Anonymous said...

hahaha, i havent even had the chance to see it yet! Look like toy soldiers this year :)

Unknown said...


that's singapore! haha.. everything there's an official something to it. LOL..


when you fly back, you can see it!

Olivier said...

ces illuminations de noël sont magnifiques

Those Christmas lights are beautiful

Anonymous said...

I like the story. The lights are very pretty. There is lots like the docks for you to see when you come to London.

Gwen said...

Your annual light up is very festive, complete with wooden toy soldiers. The second photograph in particular, with the entire view of the arch.

zakscloset said...

that sounds fun! and what a lovely story. i wish i was there to experience the tropical christmas. it's too cold here in nottingham!!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great shot.

Unknown said...


haha.. i wonder how much tax payer money it cost!


i might be in london middle of next year if i can make it.


i actually have more photos of the toy soldiers. maybe the next few days. :-)


put on more clothing or turn on the heating :-)
or.... come to Singapore! haha..


• Eliane • said...

So colorful and festive. Love it!