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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Subaru Impreza Challenge - 29 hours 51 mins ... and still on...

Not for the faint hearted, but if you can put your hand on the car the longest, you win it! These guys and gals have been on it for the last 29 hours and 51 mins, and they are still on it!

The winner stands to win a Brand New Subaru Impreza 1.5R, that is valued at $68,000.00

Some photos of the competition that is still going on as I post this...
One of the ladies group on Car 8 still going strong... The guys at Car 3 still has lots of determination too!

Another group of ladies at Car 7. Also the guys at Car 1.

Guys at Car 4. Looks like contestant 145 has tired legs. Hey, hang on!

You can see what time this shot was taken. 6:51 PM and it has been going on for nearly 30 hours. Last year's winner held on for 73hours and 56mins!!

Find out more at the Mediacorp Radio Subaru Impreza Challenge 2007.

Will you take part in such competitions to win a car?


Janet said...

Our local fair used to have a contest similar to this.

DK said...

I'll most likely be out of the contest within 1 hour. Hand can't keep still on a surface for too long.

Even if I managed to keep my hand still on a surface, I'll be out within 24 hours cause I'll suffer from internet withdrawal syndrome. lol...

Olivier said...

je trouve cela totalement délirant, j'en avais entendu parler, je crois pas que cela existe encore en France.
Non, personnellement je ne participerais pas à ce jeux ;o)
I find that totally delirious, I had heard, I believe that this still exists in France.
No, I personally do not take part in this game ;O)

• Eliane • said...

Oh boy... I have so many questions: why?, why?, why?, can they switch hands?, how do they eat?, how do they sleep? how do they pee? how do they drink? but most of all why?, why?, why?
But what a great way to bring attention to that new car!

Isadora said...

no way! :) Anything that even requires me to stand in line to get - i simply don't want. :)

Unknown said...

wow, with cars as prices too?

the other hand can surf wirlessly on your mobile mah. (as long as you're not connected to wireless@sg. haha..)

neither will i take part. :-)

to answer the why?
- no, they can't switch hands.
- they have like a few mins break every few hours I think, to eat, pee.

yes, they do it just to win the car!

what will you queue for, if you have to queue for something? hehe..