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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Newton Food Centre

This might be one of the most famous food centre in Singapore. It is more popular with tourist than with locals. If you have visited Singapore, you most probably have drop by this place.

This is the main entrance of the food centre.

The many people who are eating here.

I had supper tonite with some friends here. It has been a long long time since I step into this place. Oh, the heat! It's amazing how tourist enjoy the heat when they visit Asia, the al-fresco dining thingy, but the locals will always prefer somewhere that there's air-con! haha...

If you wanna see what we ate here, click here.

Have a great mid week!


Stefan Jansson said...

I would love to eat there, even if it's hot as we had snow today!

ro_pumpkin said...

yes , i did drop by but only twice in 2 years . is not my favorite place and i don't really understand why is so famous and popular ... but now , i would also love to eat there . because of the food and because we had some snow yesterday ... hahaha

Olivier said...

belle photo avec éclairage. un endroit qui semble très sympathique

A beautiful picture with lighting. A place that seems very nice

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

So funny. Only the tourists want to eat outside in my city, too, during the summer. I remember well all the great food I ate in Singapore years ago, inside, of course.