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Saturday, November 03, 2007

The toilet that you got to visit in the new Terminal 3, Changi Airport.

Today, thanks to the Staff Club at my workplace, I had the opportunity to have a preview of the new Terminal 3 at Changi Airport.

Everyone took lots and lots of photo, what should I post? What about this... the male toilet in Terminal 3, that allows you to look out at the both the Arrival and Departure hall! while you are 'doing the thing'. haha..

This is the view from the inside of the Male toilet. You see the glass window with plants covering it. If you are there, you can actually see both halls, had to take this photo this way to show the perspective.

Wondering how it looks from the other side? It's one of those panels and on one of those floors.

This is the green wall (which consists of 20 over species of creepy crawlers) that you can see at both the Arrival and Departure Halls. The airport is so so so nicely designed, it is just lovely to be there.

The airport authorities are having the T3 Open House from 12 November to 9 December 2007. I guess it would be similar to the one that I visited today, but it would be more complete. There's still lots of touching up to do till it officially opens on 9 January 2008.
Visit the Open House website at:


• Eliane • said...

I'd add a "merit the detour" note to these bathrooms. It's so cleverly done and very nice. The picture made me laugh on the portal and when I clicked on it I was pleasantly surprise to learn about this smart design. Now, send someone to report from the ladies room! ;)

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Lol! :) That should be quite an interesting experience for men using the bathroom here! I wonder what the female bathroom looks like! :-D

Unknown said...

Eliane, Ann,

The ladies also have a view too. Someone also said, the ladies are double the size of the mens.

So ladies do not have to queue too long now. :-)

chillycraps said...

wahaha looks like have chance must visit the toilet!!

Unknown said...


open house open to all, u can go visit!!