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Friday, November 09, 2007

Bus number 888, must be lucky day!

Today, colleagues and I took a cab out for lunch, and after lunch we thought... hmmm... maybe we should just take a bus back to office. We boarded the bus and falfway through, colleague said, wah.... this bus has a very good license plate number!

This is photo of an older series bus. The newer buses are more comfortable and allows wheelchairs. (definitely not this one)

Back to the 'Good number' thingy... Let's zoom in... It is SBS888G, a triple 8! A number chinese would associate with prosperity!

Just thought that it was interesting. Any of you out there who are into these numbers thing? Well, I am not.

Today's newspaper did have a good news about buses. A few days ago, I posted a photo that says free Wifi on Singapore buses, well, the free Wifi officially starts today!

The bus services that have Wifi are: Services 12, 14, 30, 51, 65, 72, 80, 88, 96, 143, 147 and 179. I should go try it soon. But I realize I now prefer GRPS which is on demand. How do you use wifi on your phones? For me, it's for the addiction to Facebook! Urrghh...


Neva said...

I don't get the number thing but nice bus picture.

Isadora said...

Is that a skinhead sort of midway up on the isle? Somehow I didn't think that Singapore was hospitable to that philosophy.

The bridges are nice - great difference over the wooden ones, I'm sure.

Henry Leong said...

Nice interesting shot!

Unknown said...

it's a local thing, many pple are obsessed with numbers. ;-)

errr, think they dont mean anything here.