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Monday, November 26, 2007

Sesame Street Characters, which is your favourite?

This was taken yesterday at the Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Shopping malls in Singapore loves to have kids shows that features cartoon characters to attract children (and their parents) to the shopping malls, and hopefully their children will extort their parents to buy the character's merchandise. :-p

Seen here, the Sesame Street characters on stage. They were singing, dancing and jumping around, with the children's eyes all glued to them.

Have you ever stopped to watch them? It is actually quite interesting!

What is your favourite Sesame Street character?


Anonymous said...

That would have to be Elmo :)

Annie said...

Hello Keropok Man,

I have to ask if you were the kid or the parent at this show? Sometimes it's just nice to be a kid again.

Unknown said...

momo and elmo rhymes! haha..

i am the kid!

Anonymous said...

i love elmo!
but i like cookie monster too ;)

Jazzy said...

i always liked Big Bird, what's yours?

Unknown said...

it seems many pple like elmo too! so does my cousin.

i was once intrigued by Snuffleupagus, the elephant that others always do not get to see! haha..

• Eliane • said...

Is Kermit part of that gang? He's my secret crush.

Ming the Merciless said...

My favorite character is the green trash can monster, Ernie. I think he's Ernie.

Unknown said...


The green trash monster is Oscar! hehe..

Ernie is the brother of Bird. (hmm are they brothers or are they just friends? )

Unknown said...


I thought Kermit is from Muppets? But sometimes Kermit does appear in Sesame Street right?

How long have you had a crush with Kermit? haha...