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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Aliens landed at Vivo, and left something behind

It was reported that at Vivo City, the Martians have planted an snowman that does not melt. They have also left these little green stuff all around, near the flower beds.

What are the Martians up to? We need the help of visitors to this blog help solve the puzzle.

The Martians left some clues and we need your help. Is it a:
1. Martian Spy Cam
2. Martian water sprinkler system
3. Martian sound system (speakers)
4. Part of the Martian space ship that was left behind.

The first correct person in Singapore to answer, gets a treat Choc shake from Godiva. (I will sponsor this, pic of the prize)

Anyone from overseas who answers it gets a Uniquely Singapore postcard sent to them. They might win a Singapore Airlines flight too! (Singapore Tourism Board will sponsor it, since it's their contest. I will just drop the postcard into the postboxes here :-) )


Olivier said...

Si j'avais a mettre un sou (un sou est un sou) sur cette question, je repondrais le choix 2).

If I had has to put a penny (a penny is a penny) on this question, I would answer choice 2).

tr3nta said...

it's a marcian hat... ¿? jejejej

Dani said...

I know what it is! It's a sound speaker!

koeiru said...

Cylons' helmet.

Anonymous said...

My choice actually a bollard lighting but since it is not in your answer list, I'll go for water sprinkler system.

Anonymous said...

This is difficult! Because there already is a sprinkler right beside why another sprinkler? Can't be a sound system b/c no visible speaker (plus the water from the existing sprinkler might ruin it). Spy cam...shooting peoples' feet?

So, as ridiculous as it seems, I will say it is part of a space ship left behind! LOL

Jazzy said...

keropok, i like the 4th answer =)

~tanty~ said...

I think it's number 2, but as Jazzy said, I like the 4th answer too :)

Unknown said...

Hi all!

The answer is actually a Sound System! It's an outdoor sound system. You can hear music coming out from these weather proof speakers planted all over the flower beds!

Looks like Dani got it correct.

Visitors from overseas, if you like a Singapore postcard, just drop me a mail :-)

Meg said...

K-Man, how do you know it came from Mars?