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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ChildAid2006 - A children's charity concert

ChildAid 2006 - School Pocket Money Fund

Tonight I attended this charity concert to raise funds for children. I am totally, absolutely amazed by these children who offered their talents to perform to raise funds for other children who are less fortunate.

All who performed are under 19 years old. Some who performed includes: Abigail Sin, hailed by TIME magazine as one of Asia's "Small Wonders". If you all remember the drummer Ethan Ong, 28 August DP post, he also performed a magnificent drum rolls on Akira Jimbo's Mid Manhattan.

This is picture of Tampines Primay School's Children's Choir. It's a pre-event performance they had at the foyer of the NUS University Cultural Centre Concert Hall. Of course I could not take pictures inside the Concert Hall, only this one outside.

Those in Singapore, you might want to lend your support. Check if Sistic still have tickets, give them your support.Read more about School Pocket Money Fund by Straits Time / Business Time here.


Anonymous said...

Nice gesture, Keropok man!! This photo by you looked great!

p.s. You've won the Quiz #5! And titled 'MR Sharp Eyes DP':) Now you're on my blogroll;)
dont' forget to email me your mailing address to

Olivier said...

Tres belle photo pour une tres belle cause. c'est tout les ans ?

Very beautiful photograph for a very beautiful cause. they is every year?

Jazzy said...

it's so great to see kids getting involved in helping those less fortunate, i think they'll become better people.

well done, great post Keropok!

Kris said...

always nice to see young talents :)
hope the event is a success.

Jing said...

cute children! and nice post for us to see. to help those who needs help is also our duty,esp. those cute helpless children.
well done, keropok