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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Red with Anger, Green with Envy : What's your favourite colour?

The traffic lights in Singapore are all using LEDs like this.

Is it the same in your town? city? country?


Jing said...

not the same as in Shanghai.
And these years, the green is popular, i mean when choose the clothes.
my favourite colour is...??
of course: blue, red, black, white...:D i like all colours, those combine our beautiful world and nice photos!


edwin s said...

yup, more and more. and this reminds me of the idiot that was behind my car today :)

Olivier said...

En france nous avons trois couleurs : Vert, Orange et Rouge. L'orange signalant que l'on doit s'arreter sauf si voiture derriere trop pret. de toute facon maintenant si tu passes à l'orange tu as une contravention.
Ma couleur preferée 'Bleu Lavande'

In France we have three colors: Green, Orange and Red. The orange announcing that one must stop except if car behind too ready. in any way now if you master keys with orange you have an infringment. My preferred color “Blue Lavender”

Bill said...

Green is good :)

Did you get the email I sent with my address? I did not get a reply, so I wanted to be sure.


Ben Nakagawa said...

I never saw the traffic light in that way. Nice!

Nathalie H.D. said...

It's a superb detail and I know (for I tried) that these bloody things are not easy to photograph. Yes, Sydney's traffic lights are pretty similar to this!