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Monday, November 20, 2006

Where is your heart and treasure?

Where will your heart be? This picture tells it all.

Are you still seeking your treasure?


Olivier said...

je trouve la presentation tres kitsh pour une citation de la bible ;o)
C'est quoi, une boutique, un temple ?

I find the presentation very kitsh for a quotation of the bible ;O) It is what, a shop, a temple?

Annie said...

I treasure my friends - there is my treasure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is quite a fancy plaque for that quote! Ironic, I guess. Thanks for sharing!

Jing said... my heart is beating fast. i could leave comments today! thx god!!!
and i like this special angel photo!! :P big "heart"!!

thx for your nice comments for my DP websites when i cant leave comments for yours. and did you see my email?? give me your address...i will send you the postcard....:P i sent some already! hurry up! keropok!!!!