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Saturday, November 25, 2006

More views from the tallest hotel, Swissotel The Stamford

Here's another view from the high tower.

The white huge buildling is actually the new but not so new already National Library. There's a drama centre inside as well. Edwin from KLDP has actually performed at the Drama Centre there.

To my regular visitors, you have seen sights of Singapore, do you want to visit Singapore all expense paid? Or you want to receive postcards from Singapore?

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A postcard is on the way to Meg & Ben Nakagawa in New Zealand :-) Hopefully they win a free trip too! Anyone else wants a postcard?


Kate said...

A wonderful panoramic view of your city. I feel like a "country-bumpkin" when I see cities like this!

Jing said...

another wonderful bird's eye view of singapore.
and i am sending the address.
have a nice weekend.


pennyblack said...

a friend of mine from Singapore is coming for a visit in two weeks. i'll have to show him your blog. they're nice pics.
(thanks for dropping by)

Jazzy said...

wow that's a great view Keropok.

edwin s said...

Yes I have...twice! hehehehheheh