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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Camping on HBD Roof Tops?

Hmmm what are tents doing at the top of the public housing blocks? People camping up there?

No, they are actually doing maintenance on the roof tops. What kind of maintenance, I am not sure. But the little tents are all over, there are 10 over of them that I can see.

Most probably checking the roof for leakages? Or most probably giving them a new waterproof layering.


koeiru said...

My first thoughts was "homeless people" which would have been sad.

Anonymous said...

nice pics! i shared this link on, hope u can come and vote it up as well! :D

Anonymous said...

or cooking for kenduri?

Jing said...

Hm...pretect their pets??
i am not sure...
i like your umbrella photos...thats what i wanted to take for a long time. but failed to get the nice ones as you did,pok

have the nice weekend.

Ming the Merciless said...

HA! I thought you were doing a photo on homelessness like Paris DP. :-) Are there even any homeless people in Singapore???

Anonymous said...

hahah...i thot illegal immigrants are so daring now to "camp" on top HDBs..
they shd understand the "most dangerous spots to hide can be the safest"! LOL!