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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lunar New Year Decorations are Up!

Right after Christmas, they have put up the Lunar New Year decorations. This is at Suntec City.
That reminds me, I got to apply for long leave! ;-)

It's celebrations are celebrations in Singapore. The four religious group have 2 days of public holidays for their celebrations. I should not say religious group, for it can be said races too. eg Lunar New Year celebrations are not really religious, but a cultural one, celebrated by Chinese from all religious background.


Dsole said...

wooow... there is a lot of furniture right there!! i can't imagine the people's effort to fix it up!
Celebrations are celebrations, go and have fun! :)

Olivier said...

superbe photo, et les decorations sont magnifiques.

superb photograph, and decorations are splendid.

Jing said...

oh, beautiful decos!!!
here we also can see all kinds of beautiful decos on the streets, in the shopping malls...
Red latterns are the main roles.
Anyway, i like Lunar Chinese New Year. :D

Ming the Merciless said...

Interesting decorative lanterns, esp. the lower ones with the additional details. Which mall is this??

Deb said...

The Lunar New Year decorations are always so beautiful....and you've captured it here magnificently!

Unknown said...

Ming, it's at Suntec City Mall :-)