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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thambi Magazines

If you wish to get newspapers from all over, magazines from all over the world, you can get them in Holland Village.

This is Thambi Magazine in Holland V. I wonder if they got more collection than Borders or Kinokuniya? Hmmm

What are the magazines you like to read? Exercise? Health? Gossips? hehe...


koeiru said...

It's amazing they're still around, nice pic.

Ming the Merciless said...

OMG, I actually walked pass the Kinokuniya in NYC today. It's on 49th Street between 5th & 6th Avenue. But it sells Japanese language books and magazines only.

Anonymous said...

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Olivier said...

j'aime les kiosques a journaux, pour acheter evidement les journaux et pour parler avec le vendeur (qui souvent connait toutes les histoires du quartier).
sinon je lis les journaux sur la photo, la geographie et pour mon travail sur l'informatique.

I like newspaper kiosks, to buy cavity the newspapers and to speak with the salesman (who often knows all the stories of the district). if not I read the newspapers on the photograph, the geography and for my work on computer.

edwin s said...

Hoi Thambi! Vatlah Dei! Fantastic K'pok. I've bought mags here before :)

Anyway, I read all the Mac magazines, Digital Photographer UK, Digital Camera UK, Practical Photography UK and Shutterbug. Sometimes I pick up the Adobe Photoshop magazine if there's a new trick to learn. Then if really gatal, I buy New Idea and Woman's Day for my mum but I read first :)

~tanty~ said...

I used to read a lot but lately I hardly have time to do it.
Thanks for your nice greetings on my blog today :)

Annie said...

It would be a pleasure to live in a city with news kiosks. We have none in my little city. I would like to stand and read the headlines and I would like to resist buying any so as to avoid the clutter at home.

Kris said...

I love road side news agent..they provide such pleasure :) Btw, right now I'm into "interior decor" mags.

Anonymous said...

I look at the headlines on the NYT online, and our local paper online, and our university paper. Occasionally I buy a decor mag, like Kris.

This is a cool kiosk and you've captured the light well.

Unknown said...

koeiru, it has shifted from the old location, because of the MRT construction works, but it's still around :-)

ming, i think i went to the kino in SF, it was also mainly jap books. i prefer kino to borders here, so does my colleagues. dunno why..

mimmu, that's a good tip, thanks!

olivier, hmmm that's a good idea to speak to the newspaper man. the only conversation i have with them is 'how much is this magazine?' haha..

edwin, wow, you must be a true photography buff. i borrow those titles at the library. i buy crap magazines to read usually. those 'sit on the throne' materials.

tanty, maybe your new year resolution is to read?

annie, yes, the clutter, i do have a clutter at home now. the mags and newspapers are stack waist height high now. oops..

kris, ruth, i just bought "home and decor" and "style homes" 2 days ago! you can have them after I am done with it :-)