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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let's travel to Holland

There's Chinatown in most cities, there are also Japan Towns, Russian Town, for example in San Francisco. Singapore has also Little India and also Holland Village!

This is the wind mill in Holland Village in Singapore. This place has a bohemian feel to it according to many, but to us living nearby, it's where we go to eat! Other than that, if we need 24 hours groceries we head here too. :-)

But if you are a tourist, it's where you can find Asian arts, crafts, antiques and handicraft. During the night, this place has lots of tourist and expatraites and the locals having drinks at the many al-fresco dining areas with many kinds of cuisine.

Holland Village is named after Hugh Holland. So, you dont see anything Holland there except the Windmill!


Olivier said...

un quartier hollandais, voila quelque chose d'original. avec ce beau moulin, avez vous aussi des tulipes ?

a Dutch district, veiled something of original. with this beautiful mill, have also tulips?

Anonymous said...

Al-fresco dining with many kinds of cuisine...I'd be a frequent visitor of Holland Village too!

zeezee said...

Love dis pix. Miss Holland V sooo much.

edwin s said...

You know, I go to Holland V so frequently I've never noticed this windmill. Thanks K'pok.

Kris said...

oh, i remember a tv series about holland village nasi lemak. Whenever they show the woman making the dish, I drool!

Anonymous said...

Holland Village! I love this place. It just sort of alienates us from the outer world where we don't remember that we're actually in Singapore.

That's how I feel each time I'm there.

Thanks for bringing such such good photos from HV :)