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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Free Concerts by the Bay!

There are free performances that are held at the Esplanade. They are usually held outdoors just beside the beaufiful waterfront.

This is a picture of a group doing sound checks. They are quite good! They were doing an acapella. We noticed that the lady at the most right has very very deep voice. She was doing the drum beats simulation part.

I caught this picture from the rooftop of Esplanade which is open if you wanna take photos of surrounding areas or the sunset.


Ming the Merciless said...

Where is the esplanade? N, S, E or W of the island??

It looks like a nice relaxing place to chill out on the weekend.

Unknown said...

Esplanade is at South of Singapore. It's at the Marina Bay, next to Suntec City :-)

Yes, weekends, there are usually free concerts in addition to the paid ones indoors at the the two durian features ;)

Olivier said...

cette esplanade est superbe, j'adore son architecture. tres belles photos

this esplanade is superb, I adore his architecture. very beautiful photographs

Dsole said...

That's a beautiful place to give a concert! I love the sea and the light, it has to be very special :)

Annie said...

Is it ever NOT nice outside in your part of the world. I'm think you might live in paradise.