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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mexican? Turkish? or New York Cafe?

There's lots of cuinise that you can get in this place. From this photo, you can see a Turkish Restaurant, a New York Cafe and also a Mexican Restaurant.

Of the three, which is your favourite kind of food?


Anonymous said...

Nice photos Keropok. I like the photos of the durians especially...

We've listed you at btw.

Anonymous said...

NYDC! I like their blueberry drink. It's called er.. blueberry elephanchino or some weird name.

DK said...

The mudpie are the best! :D

~tanty~ said...

Mexican food!

Meg said...

Today, Turkish. I eat Turkish once or twice a week, and I haven't had it in about 16 days now!!!

charinef said...

hey I have created a blog but haven't announce in the forum yet.


very busy lately, will do the links and everything next week :>>>


Olivier said...

la nourriture fran├žaise et apres la nourriture indienne.

French food and after Indian food.

Dsole said...

I think maybe turkish one! There is a lot of them now in Madrid!

madrid dailyphoto blog

isa said...


Irredento Urbanita said...

I like that phrase: Get a life. It's so true.

cha cha cha

Anonymous said...

any doner kebab and pide bread for me in the turkish cafe ? :-o
then i would walk to nydc for cookie monster...yey!

Ming the Merciless said...

Being a NYer, I'm curious as to what NYDC serves? Is it a diner restaurant or a fast food restaurant?

I love Korean food since I've been eating a lot of that lately. I love Middle Eastern food too.

Of all the cuisines out there, Mexican food is probably my least favorite.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the german restaurant that was there?

Unknown said...

Harro! Thanks!

Simcooks, ya, some elephant drinks, can't remember the name as well. getting old. or rather, nowdays we dun like NYDC, we prefer TCC or Coffee Club which has nicer food and drinks.

dk, yeah, but the mudpies in Coffee Clubs are even better!

tanty, i think i should step into that mexican shop one of these days.

Meg, wow, twice a week. withdrawal symptoms now after 16 days?

lightwhite, waiting for the new Singapore DP blogger to appear!

Olivier, I like French Jap fusion! :-)

dsole, maybe I should visit madrid to try out the food! ahh.... food...

isabella, yes, i love oriental anytime. tastebuds are born to have such food. haha..

irredento, yes, those who have no life should go there! haha..

tigerfish, cookie!!!!

Ming, my colleague said it stands for New York District of Columbia. Hmm but i can't find it in their website. Maybe I should ask them the next time. Korean food's a craze here. I love their BBQ.

Cory, err the restaurants changes so quickly, we wonder what happened to them!

Kris said...

at the moment, turkish food excites me!
btw, i like the zig-zag to deter parking

Karin W. said...

My favourite kind of food? Hmm...
Since there are only three choices I choose turkish.