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Friday, January 19, 2007

Esplanade Theatre by the Bay Entrance Again

I turned around from yesterday's photo and take it from another direction.

This is facing the entrance of the Esplanade Theatre. There's a big red poster for the coming shows.

Now looking at the little pool of water, you can see a round structure. That's the skylight for the car park below.

Ming, the waters too shallow for anyone to be bathing in it. :)
Zannnie, no below pictures. I did not go down the carpark. Hope this one's ok.


Anonymous said...

cannot bathe in it but can do a foot spa ? plus those white round foot massagers....hooo hooo hooo

Anonymous said...

wow... love the arrangement on the water. creatively done!

Dsole said...

That's nice! a really cool entry for a theatre!! Beautiful!

Olivier said...

cette vue est superbe. les reflets toujours aussi beau

this sight is superb. reflections always also beautiful

Meg said...

Very nice place. And only in Singapore can you keep the water so clean, too! I love the different styles of clothes people are wearing; it's very cosmopolitan.

Anonymous said...

It's a magical place. The photo is fantastic, as always.

Thank you, KM, for your very kind comment at ELDP today. I will miss the posting, but I'll stop by and visit you regularly. Keep up the GREAT photos and interesting posts.

Unknown said...

tigerfish, you know spore how things are done. where got pple dare to put feet in :-)

santy, thanks.

dsole, the esplanade's a nice place to visit. last night we had someone from Japan visiting and we brought him there.

Olivier, yes, reflections are nice anywhere, maybe Amecee wants to visit this place too :-)

Meg, I think most people who visits are tourist. haha..

Ruth, thanks. Hope you will one day find time to post on ELDP again :-)

Anonymous said...

Does it mean something this word Esplanade in your language? We have a street called Esplanadi in Helsinki.
It`s the like one kind of park and street together.

In this URL is a photo from Esplanadi
and tourists there.