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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ouch! It sure is spiky!

Last Saturday, I pretended to be a tourist. A friend who was from Sydney going back to UK was around, so sis and I was met her and we pretended to be tourist with her.

This is Esplanade, theatres on the bay. It is famous for its spiky durian like roof.

Sis later on went to attend the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's 28th Anniversary Concert. The ticket was courtesy of my colleague who was away in Denver.


Annie said...

You and Sis shared a wonderful day, I think. Thanks for showing the spiky theatre on the bay.

JaamZIN said...

that roof is special..Russians prefer to have roofs for churches like onion and now I can see in Singapore they prefer durian:)

-ian- said...

i am waiting for the photo in the concert. OK

Olivier said...

on dirait un enorme herisson.
j'espere que le concert etait bien.
A quand une video ?
17$90 c'est pas cher pour un concert.

an enormous hedgehog would be said. I hope that the concert was well. With when video? 17$90 it is not expensive for a concert.

Ming the Merciless said...

What an interesting architecture?!?!

How was the symphony?

Deb said...

That building is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time. I love going to the symphony, though I don't do it often enough. What a great building!

Lisi said...

interesting design indeed, and I believe it is inspired by durian...does it smell similar as well???? :-)

Unknown said...

annie, it was a nice day, with sis and friend from UK.

zsolt, hmmm it seems they are all built after food :-)

septian, there's no photography in concert halls :-( Sis went only, I did not go for the concert.

olivier, the tickets were discounted :-)

ming, my sis enjoyed it, they even had cake to celebrate the birthdaya of the SSO, cake was provide by Conrad Hotel.

chris & deb, this buildling must be the only kind in the world!

ruth, lisi, it's quite nice inside too. there's also restaurants and a small shopping centre inside, there's also a music library.