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Friday, January 26, 2007

World's First Purpose-built Toy Museum Right in Singapore.

Aha! Did you know that the world's first purpose-built toy museum is right here in Singapore?

It's called the Mint Musuem of Toys. Visit their website at:

It's located at 26 Seah Street, right opposite the iconic Raffles Hotel.

[if you are interested in more musuems in Singapore, click on the Museums Label below, :-) ]


Singeo said...

If your readers needa map to any museum in Singapore, there's one here:



Olivier said...

un musée des jouets, voila une visite a ne pas rater. le site internet est pas mal et donne envie. Je te souhaite un bon weeck end

a museum of the toys, veiled a visit has not to miss. Internet site is not badly and gives desire. I wish you a good weeck end

Ming the Merciless said...

Interesting museum! Is it gear towards kids?

koeiru said...

So do you have asian toys like wooden tops and marbles?

tigerfish said...

Purpose-built ? So this is built on-purpose for some purpose ?
Hahhaah...I was about to say "Go-li" then I realized koeiru already said "marbles"....LOL!

Unknown said...

singeo, that's great!

olivier, ya, i think their website needs to be updated. lots of broken links.

ming, koeiru, i see kids going with their parents. i have not gone in yet, will be one of these days to find out more :-)

tigerfish, you know singapore lah. must add in purpose built then can call it 'first'. LOL...

Meg said...

Got that on the map, now. Boy, I might never come out if they have old toys. Electronic toys aren't toys - they are gadgets and some are nearer to weapons.

Shorty said...

This looks like Bobby Lee of jeans fame.