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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bishan Sports Hall - YOG Venue for Gymnastics

How many of us living in Singapore has ever been to Bishan Sports Recreation Centre? Bishan Sports Hall is part of the Centre which also includes Bishan Stadium and Bishan Swimming Complex.
(Now that's more general knowledge for most of us! haha)

Bishan Sports Hall

Bishan Sports Hall is the venue for the YOG Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics.
For those who have been using the facility, here's a sneak peak as it is transformed for the YOG.

It's amazing how the gymnast can be so so flexible. I would have broken all my bones doing what they do!

I am one of the most inflexible person in my previous mat Pilates class. It's so embarrassing that everyone can bend and flex to do all the moves and I am like a block! That's why I am going for kickboxing nowadays, less embarrassing. LOL

Bishan Sports Hall

You would probably be watching the sports at home, but for the local folks, do you know that Singapore is so small, it will never ever be eligible to hold a full scale Olympic Games.

We are lucky enough to be able to host the Youth Olympic Games, and since it's in our backyard (literally!), we should visit and support the YOG.

Bishan Sports Hall

I can't wait to see how the venue will look once the flags and other decorations are up. 
Hope to see you at the YOG!

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