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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gardens by the Bay - Conservatory Complex

Have you seen this structure near Marina Barrage when you pass by the East Coast Parkway (ECP)?
It's the Gardens by the Bay, Conservatory Complex.

There are 2 conservatories planned at the Gardens by the Bay. It's a 54 hectare big garden! (Imagine 72 soccer fields)

Part of the Bay South portion of the garden is the 2 conservatories, a  cool dry and a cool moist. How interesting eh? I would love to see the temperate plants that they would be planting there!

Gardens by the Bay - Conservatory Complex

If you want to read more about it, click on to the NParks website here.

Are you grow plants at home?
My rosemary herb plant is not too happy at the moment ;-(

Update: My brother just told me the photo above is the Cool Dry Moist conservatory.


Anonymous said...

Thats Cool Dry. I'm involved in building the 2 biomes.

Unknown said...

Hi Anon

OK, thanks for the update. Will change the post.

It must be so interesting to be involved in the building of these two them!