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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boys in Black Making Candy

This candy store is getting very popular in Singapore. They make rock candies with customized centres.

Folks in Singapore used to have to get similar candy from Australia, but these folks have opened a similar store in Singapore.

Boys in Black making candy

We visited this place because it was Teacher's Day soon and our cousin was getting some Teacher's Day gift.

Sweets for teachers! 

Boys in Black making candy

What you see is two boys in black making the centre of the candy.
It was interesting how they produced the rock candy. If you are free, you should watch them make it, even if you don't like sweets. They way the roll and pull it looks exhausting!

For techies our there, can you recognise the logo they are making?
Hint: the makers of zip drives! ;-P

Oh yes, wishing all Teachers a very Happy Teacher's Day!

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