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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bloody Shit Hub

Pardon the language today, but I saw this a few days ago and thought it was hilarious!
I am sure you will agree with me that this traveling toilet repairman is quite innovative!

Everyone who saw this 'lorry' stopped to take a second look.
So did I. For me, I even took out my camera and started snapping photos!

Bloody Shit Hub

It was just fun reading what is written all over the mini lorry.

Bloody Shit Hub

On this side, there's even a piece of 's??t' dangling on the side!

Bloody Shit Hub

There's even a note for the Parking Officers.
I wonder if any parking officer has given him a fine!

Bloody Shit Hub

So who do you look for the next time your dear toilet needs some 'help'?

Bloody Shit Hub

Disclaimer: have not used their service before, so not sure if they any good. Who knows, maybe their service is also 'kana sai'. (google if you wanna know what that means). ;-p


Zannnie said...

That's a funny one, Keropokman :)

Maran said...

I am Maran from Singapore. Recently our toilet chock (its rental house) and tried to find plumber but it was very hard. And finally I saw this van near to my block and called the person.

If I say honestly, I never met such a person, he was very dedicate and sincere person. He did many things to clean the chock, he cut the pipe and removed the plastic balls inside the pipe. It took nearly 45 mins.

So I planned to offer him some more extra money. He wanted SGD30 (but he indicated S$35 on his vehicle) after such kind of very hard works, I was surprised and unbelievable in Singapore. I gave him S$50 but he never accepted and took only S$30, I requested (?!) him to get plus S$10 but he never and said... it is hard to survive in Singapore and use that for my own expenses.

Do you able to believe this, no choice you should trust it.