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Monday, August 16, 2010

Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

A few weeks ago, Momo and I got a chance to attend the Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Rehearsal. We were told, please do not post the photos before the event. Help keep it a secret. But I guess the audience that night and on other rehearsals have posted it all. LOL

Well, I guess I am one obedient boy and waited till today, two days after the real thing have passed before I posted anything.

Did you all enjoy the Opening Ceremony?
I did! In fact, watching the real thing on television on High Definition was better!

Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

On TV, we would see up close the facial expressions and view the event from different angle as the camera changes from one to another. But we could not feel the 'energy' if you were physically there.

Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

I was so glad I had two options to watch it on TV. There was a free-to-air broadcast and a cable company's broadcast.

The free-to-air broadcast had a commentator that was so irritatingly chatty. He was speaking when there was live speech on. Good thing, the commentator on the cable TV knew when to keep quiet. :-p

Overall, it was great! I loved the lighting of the Olympic Flame!

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