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Monday, August 23, 2010

Singapore Volleyball Team & Diving Prelims

I was at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall during the weekend to catch a glimpse of the Volleyball game between Peru and Singapore.

Singapore Volleyball Team

Give the Singapore girls a few more years, they will do better in the next YOG. ;-)

Singapore Volleyball Team

Just at the same complex, there's the Toa Payoh Swimming Complex. It's the the Aquatics - Diving event is held.

This was Myra Lee of Singapore. Let's also give her more time, she is after all so young.

But I was quite impressed with China, Malaysia and North Korea's divers! They were good!!

Diving Event at YOG

It was quite fun watching the games live at the venue.
But it's quite warm as well. Bring your shades!

Good thing the finals were held during the night. I heard it's the first night diving in the Olympics.

p/s You also get to view on the big screen what viewers at home see on the TV!

Diving at YOG

The Games are coming to an end soon.
The TV at home has been tuning in to the YOG Channels. Have you been catching the event live or on TV?

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Unknown said...

Nice blog of photo's of life in Singapoore, interesting to see me pop up in a photo here. Forever being watched from outside the court!!