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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

It was so exciting. When the Youth Olympic Flame passes by where you live or work, you will want to drop what you were doing and join in the excitement.

That was what my colleagues and I did. It's one of the rare opportunity that you will get to see the flame in person and not from the newspaper or TV. The flame had traveled all the way from Greece!

As we lined up the road along the route we got welcomed by first by the one red Coke bus and another blue Samsung bus. (Just before the buses arrived, we were given coke!)

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

When was the last time we were so energetic?
Their youthfulness and energy do rub on to the crowd!

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

The first torch bearer in NUS grounds. This was Ms Lyhor Nalene.

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

If you can't see the flame in the bright sun light, here's the photo when the runners are in the shade.

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

She looked so excited! You would too ya?
She got one of the tough leg. Her run just before this stretch was all uphill!

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

She's running towards the next torch bearer.

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

The flame was passed to Chen Litai Jeremiah.
This was where they posed for photos.

Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

My colleagues and I did not run after the flame. ;-)

A colleague at the other side of the university was a cheeky one. He joked that he is going to wait at the overhead bridge to drop a water bomb. He said it's an easier way to get famous rather than running after the flame. (He chickened out. haha)


DK said...

No use drop water bomb. They have backup flame.

☺lani☺ said...

Cool to watch all of these athletes, I'll go for blue team! Happy Friday!

Unknown said...


I wonder where is the backup flame? hehe..

Colleague dare not drop the water bomb one. LOL


Happy Friday too!

Fickle Cattle said...

That looks like a lot of fun. :-)

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