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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tricycle Dreams - Live our dreams, fly our flag

What's your dream? This year for Singapore National's Day, the theme is "Live our dreams, fly our flag".

To dream the theme, you see many projects or displays around Singapore that follows the theme.

I saw this Tricycle Dream display at Raffles Place recently.
Tricycle Dream

Small little white tricycles were everywhere.
Each having a Singapore flag on it. It's kinda cute.

It's suppose to remind us that we should encourage the little ones to peddle on, and dream big!

Tricycle Dream

My sis said to me: "Do you realise something? Everything is facing one direction. Everything is so systematic." We need some chaos to spice things up!

Tricycle Dream

Surround the tricycles were little drawings by the little kids of their dreams.

The dreams of 80% of the kids are of the same profession. I don't need to mention it, you would have guessed it. This is Singapore, parents use a template to tell kids what to be when they grow up.

But there are a few different ones that I spotted. Let me show you three.

This little one, Kiara who wants to be a chef!
Let's wish this kid success and one day, may you have yourself a Michelin Star restaurant in Singapore!

Tricycle Dream

Ye Wen wants to be a teacher. A very noble dream.

In Singapore, most teachers have to be at school by 7:20 AM and most leave work only after 5:00 PM because of extra curricula activities. A really tough job. Ye Wen probably does not know that yet. Let's hope when he becomes a teacher, things will be better!

 Tricycle Dream

This was interesting. This kid's dream dream is to own Ikea Mall!
I wonder if he spends his weekends at Ikea every week?

I am an Ikea fan too! Let me introduce you to:!!

Tricycle Dream

What is your dream?

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Anonymous said...

I want to dream the dream in the last photo. If only.....