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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cheers to the YOG Volunteers

The Olympics is not only about the athletes who compete and learn more about other cultures.

It's also about the officials from the IOC (International Olympic Council), the various National Olympic Councils and all the different sports International Federations (eg, FIFA being one of the famous ones, International Sailing Federation, International Weightlifting Federations etc) These folks accredit the athletes so that they can participate representing their countries and sports and also play according to the rules.

But the most important people would be the Volunteers! Without them, how can the games even operate. In the Singapore Youth Olympic Games, there are over 20,000 volunteers!

With over 20,000 volunteers, you can be sure some are not happy at all. You can read about it in the news. In Singapore, other than queuing, the other national hobby is to complain! The people who complain also happens to be people who use their mouth and nothing else, they don't contribute themselves but want to be heard. (Recently in Singapore, it was reported that there are two sisters who earn their living by complaining! yes, laugh!)

But there are many volunteers who genuinely want to help. They use up their precious annual leave so that they can volunteer. They also have to burn away their weekends attending the various protocol, etiquette and many other training. They meet up to do menial stuff like packing welcome packs etc for officials and athletes. They do research about other countries so that they know to welcome their visitors and make them feel at home right here in Singapore.

YOG Volunteers

Here are two examples of the volunteers.
Whether you are 16 or 66 years old, you can contribute to make the Games a success.

To the complainers, complaining doesn't help. Do something and help! Lift your fingers to do something, not to type your complain letters. Use your brain to think how to improve things and not to think of everything nasty.

YOG Volunteers

To all the genuine YOG Volunteers, you are doing a great job!

When you see the smiles and appreciation of all athletes and officials that you serve, it's all worth it, ain't it?