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Friday, August 06, 2010

NUS Rag Day 2010 and the Youth Olympic Games Flame

Two brief photos about the NUS Rag and Flag 2010.

The university was in such a festive mood! You can see so many people at the field.
Loud speakers were blaring away and the students took turn to show off their floats and dance performance.

Ray Day 2010

It's amazing how creative they can be. Transforming literally 'junk' and other recycle materials into such beautiful floats!

Ray Day 2010

According to the NUS Office of Student Affairs tweet (, for the flag day, they collected $510,000 for charity. Well done!

Later in the evening, the Olympic Flame is to arrive at NUS.
I could not stay back to take a look and enjoy the fireworks, but here's a youtube video of the floats and the lighting of the Olympic Flame in NUS.


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☺lani☺ said...

Very nice shots... lucky you witess this event..