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Monday, August 30, 2010

A little girl climbing!

I saw this on Sunday at a shopping mall. (United Square)
It was part of a promotion that allows kids 5 to 15 years old to climb if their parents spend x amount of money.

What amazed all of us was this little girl. She was so small and looked like she's probably only three!
But she sure was brave!

Indoor Climbing

I would not have dared to climb when I was five!

We overheard this girl's parent talking to other parents. They were asking if she was already 5 as she looked so small, she was! Her mum was terrified that the little girl wanted to climb. But let her do it after countless bugging.

Indoor Climbing

Mind you, it was very high!
The robes part was on the side of this 1.5 storey high structure.
This side shows the rock climbing part of climbing up the structure.

Indoor Climbing

Kids nowadays have become very brave don't you think?


chillycraps said...

he who knows nothing, fears nothing.


applies to kids.

Unknown said...

for adults leh?

ignorance is not bliss. LOL