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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Olympic Flame, Singapore 2010

It's the closing ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games tonight. The Olympic Flame for the Singapore 2010 Games will be extinguished during the ceremony.

I realized I have not seen the flames at the venue.
So I took leave today off work to go take a look.

olympic vortex flame, singapore 2010

It's not a good day to go near the Floating Platform today. Security is so tight for the ceremony tonight. All routes are blocked.

I could only get to see it from the Esplanade. Well, good enough I guess.
Two weeks are over so fast!

Everyone is a winner at the Games!


Mo said...

I have to confess I was not aware of the youth games there at all.

Caroline said...

Sound like fun. How young do you have to be to compete?

Personal Trainer Singapore said...

Thanks to those who make it happened.

Unknown said...

:-) It's ok. It's only the first Youth Olympics!

It's only for youths 14-18!
But they all look really really huge for their age.

The cream of the crop!