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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Airport Series - Changi Airport is A380 Ready!

We have been hearing about the news that the Airbus 380 is being delayed.
What a pity. The airlines are ready to deploy them, the airports are also ready. But Airbus is not ready. haha...

I saw this on the aerobridge while coming the plane I was on was taxing to the terminal.
Changi Singapore Airport A380 Ready!

Singapore Airlines will be the first airline to deploy it. Hmmm I got a colleague who is so obsessed with flying. He was going to book his flight from Singapore to Sydney just to take the A380. He told us his hopes are dashed!


Olivier said...

en effet il y a beaucoup de retard sur l'A380, ce qui pose des problemes en france,car cela met la societe airbus en danger, ainsi que beaucoup d'entreprises de toulouse. Stéphan. sur son dailyphoto de toulouse en a parler.

indeed there is much delay on A380, which poses problems in France, because that endangers the company airbus, like much of companies of Toulouse. Stéphan, on its dailyphoto of Toulouse in A speech.

JaamZIN said...

I also heard about the Airbus problem with delay. Its a pity because being European of course I am fan of A380:)

Kris said...

erm..i'm a fan of first class (tried once only) doesnt matter what's the plane :p

Jing said...

no ideas.....
now i am the fan of DP!!!

Unknown said...

Olivier, Zsolt, I am very sure both of you are great fans of the EU airplane company. But they better buck up. The delay is costing them too much!

Kris, I am sure everyone will be a fan of first class! haha..

Jing, we are all also fan of Shanghai DP!