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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tourist Series - You could get lucky!

Luckly Plaza is where you can get everything. But mostly people buy cameras or look for money changers here. It is almost the place to be, if you want to remit money back to your country. It is usually to Indonesia, Philippines, China, India, Bangladesh.

It is one of the oldest looking mall along Orchard Road. It is also a mini Philippines here. During the weekends, the whole place will be pack with domestic helpers. You could see Filipino groceries shop. So, if you are visiting from Philippines and miss home, visit this place!

The top floors are medical centres. From plastic surgery, women's clinic to skin specialist, you can get them here.


Olivier said...

merci pour cette serie, on a l'impression de suivre un guide dans Singapore.

thank you for this series, there is the impression to follow a guide in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Gee 'lucky' I came across this shot! Any vegemite?

JaamZIN said...

ohh and do you miss your home? I am sure yes.:)

Marie McC said...

Don't think I'd be too keen to go to Lucky Plastic Surgery. :O

Jazzy said...

great info. i'm currently looking for a new not too expensive decent digital/slr camera, maybe this place has something for me =)

have a nice weekend.

Unknown said...

No probs Olivier.

John, no vegemite. I don't like vegemite. haha...

Zsolt, I think you might be confused with Raymond, the other Spore DP. He's from the Phils :-)

Marie, haha.. good one!

Jazzy, you can try going to Sim Lim or Funan Centre for more selections of cameras.