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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

KFC and Pizza Hut Delivery Bikes...

Do you order home delivery? Nowdays it is much simpler that both Pizza Hut and KFC shared the same number.

Inspired by Jing (Shanghai Daily Photo)'s pizza delivery bicycles. I saw this today during lunch time, a whole row of delivery motorcycles of Pizza Hut and KFC, and decided I should snap it for today's DP.

I prefer KFC to Pizza Hut. Which do you prefer?

For our international friends, we are able to order both KFC and Pizza Hut food in 1 phone call (62 35 35 35), and they deliver it together in 1 delivery as well in Singapore. Is it the same in your country?


Jing said...

at last, I see your photo today.
I am happy that you mentioned the shanghaidailyphoto blog.
thx a lot!!
These bikes look wonderful~~:P Like the training soldiers standing there available in one second!!!
In shanghai, they have their own delivery phone numbers(sorry, I am not good at remembering the numbers~). And for me, I prefer the pizza, because the chicken is not good for skin.
Nice shot!!

kaa said...

there are a couple of pizza huts here. I dont think they do home delivery. NO KFCs here.. I prefer KFC. maybe cos i am tired of the tons of pizza kebab places here.

~tanty~ said...

I prefer KFC coz I love to eat fried chicken :)

edwin s said...

talk about fast food!

Anonymous said...

What about Popeye's?

Anonymous said...

I reckon that could be a good little job, scooting round on one of those!

midnitebara said...

we have no pizza hut here but we have kfc, my favorite place to go when I like to eat greasy,heheh!

enjoy the rest of the week!

Unknown said...

Hi all! It's interesting that not all places have KFC or Pizza Hut. They actually both belong to the same company, together with Taco Bells.

Anonymous, we have no Popeye's here, what do they sell?

I prefer KFC to Pizza Hut as well.

Anonymous said...

Popeye's is like KFC. There was one at Changi from 2000-2002 (might be gone now though). Much better than KFC, we'd go to the airport just for the chicken. Hmmmmmmm!

Kris said...

KFC definitely! i think we have one in Budapest thats 140km away :(