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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How do you dry your clothes?

Do you hang out your clothes to dry in the sun? Dry them indoors? Use a dryer?

Well, in Singapore, the majority of people will hang their clothes on bamboo poles and then plug them into slots outside their flats just like this picture.

You get floor and floors of clothing hanging on poles. (This picture was taken some time ago, right now you wont see clear skies, it's still hazy all over Singapore today)

How do you dry your clothes? For me, my sister can't imagine carrying a pole that weights a few kilo with wet clothes outside your window 25 stories high. So, we have a Fisher & Paykel dryer at home :-) A auto sensing model as well, one that wont shrink your clothes. haha...


Jing said... mom and me all like the sun, So you may know the answer of me.
And in Shanghai, lots of people like sun as I do~~

Denton said...

Very unique photo. I'm glad you have a dryer. When I was a child we had a clothes line. As a young adult my wife and I had a clothes line however after our first child and hanging a million diapers we borrowed the money to buy a dryer.

Olivier said...

Photo impresionnante. Tres reussie.
En France c'est souvent interdit de faire secher son linge sur les balcons

Kris said...

its hanging out! wont it drop?

i'll show how we do it , hmm..tomorrow may ;)

Sally said...

I live in a single house and have a clothes line. I have a dryer too, which we might use 5 or 6 times a year. Even if raining (which it doesn't do very often these days!) I usually use an inside airer.

Australians get very distressed about seeing clithes on balconies and most unit blocks have by-laws which prevent it. Racists get really agitated about it and use expressions I won't repeat - for some reason it exercises the mnd of local paper letter writers, particularly in areas where a lot of Chinese people live. Drives me nuts that kind of petty-mindedness!

Sally said...

PS I'd rather people be able to use their balconies and hang out washing than use more an more of the world's resources running electrical equipment (which also hastens the deterioration of your clothes)

Anonymous said...

interesting shot~
hmm~let me see...looks like bukit batok...or maybe bishan...still figuring out...LOL

Jing said...

Actually I never use the dryer. But most of time I hang the clothes in the balcony...If the day is soooo sunny, and I have time to stay at home, I'd like hang them out with the pole. and of course wont drop, Kris, we use a kind of clips to tight the clothes.


keropokman.welcome to shanghai!!
Be careful when you visit the city, maybe I will shoot you in my photo~~~

Unknown said...

Jing, you are always online? Two responses today! I must be careful when I visit Shanghai. haha..

Denton, wow, you had twins? Million diapers. hmm.... just joking...

Olivier, I only had studied conversation French in Alliance Francaise for 2 months, now that is put to some use now. I understood your comments :-) Merci beaucoup

Santy, ever wonder how it feels to be under those poles, view the next day's photo :-)

kris, waiting to see your posting...

sally, i used to live in Melbourne for years, the places i stayed all prohibited hanging of laundry at balconies.

james, i used to pay AUD2 each time I tried my clothes at uni.

Min, try again, the photo's taken at District 21. hehe.. can you guess?

Anonymous said...

WOW Interesting and fun shot.