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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Airport Series - Changi - Train to City

This shall be my last post on this series. The journey has ended.

After getting out of the Arrival hall, you can either take the Train or the Taxi to the city, or where you live/visit.

The signs in Changi airport are multilingual. As you can see, the main language will be English. Then there would be Chinese, Malay and Japanese.

Taking the train might be the cheapest way to the city. Actually I think it might also be the cheapest train ride anywhere in the world to the city. It only cost SGD1.50 from Changi Airport to City Hall. For most countries, trains that reach airport usually have extra surcharge, but not in Singapore :-)


Olivier said...

l'aeroport est loin du centre ville ?

is the airport far from the centre town?

edwin s said...

aiyoh, your changi shots buat i very gatal to come down right now. I'm driving down this thursday for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

this is good for those who are comin' for "free & easy" tour in s'pore...
good capture of all airports sign etc...

Kate said...

Very nice shot!

Jing said...

umm..right, from the airport to downtown in shanghai, it costs lots of money~~
and i like the shot u took !!
ooo...i think i could dream of the changi airport tonite...:D

i am the fan of your singapore DPs!!

Unknown said...

Lavendar Lady, I will try a "Tourist Series" next. hehe...

Olivier, the airport is not very far, by train it is around half an hour to the city centre.

Edwin, Selamat Datang! Down for unwind after your hectic few weeks? Or to come and work?

Thanks Min & Kate.

Jing, dreaming is good. Keep dreaming :-)