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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Colourful payphones

It was a great wedding I attended in Penang yesterday. Flew back to Singapore today and took this picture at the airport.

Payphone from the 2 major telcos that provide payphone services.

I thought that the colourful background was unique, plus the colourful payphones too.


Jing said...

so colourful wall~~
how can concentrate on talking on phone??

Olivier said...

Les couleurs sont superbes et j'adore ce coté graphique. cela fait très kitch

kaa said...

reminds me of kueh lapis. i've not noticed this at the airport.

midnitebara said...

lovely wall and phones! ours here are just the boring metallic type, not fun..not fun !

have a nice day!

Alex said...

That's a great idea! So original and cheerful! the juxtaposition of the colors is very well choosen too. Love these payphones.

Kris said...

brilliant! is it me or are the phone more compact than the ones we see on the street?

Unknown said...

jing, as long as you want to concentrate, you are able to :-)

olivier, oui, les couleurs sont superbes!

kaa, you hungry izit? haha...

midnitebara, normally the phones are boring here too, just happen to see this particular one in the airport. :-)

alex, it might be original and only one. so its definitely original. LOL. I have not seen any other such colourful wall with phones.

kris, the payphones are the same size. maybe i took them from far away, so that I can fit 4 phones inside, thats why they look small.

Jazzy said...

great and colourful, it is unique indeed.

Unknown said...

Love that wall!