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Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival / Mooncake & Lantern Festival

Today's the Mid Autumn Festival. Everyone's suppose to be eating looking at the moon, eating mooncakes and sipping tea under the clear skies. BUT... Singapore's covered with HAZE! Arrghh... Thankfully I have air conditioning and a Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier as well.

Today's pix will be obviously photos of mooncakes.

They come in various types of packaging. This one's from Meritus Mandarin, Singapore.

This very chinese packaging comes from Chef Chan's Restaurant.

The mooncake close up.

This one is what they call the "ping1 pi2" skin mooncake. Translated as Snow Skin Mooncakes.
These are usually serve cold so the skin does not melt. My mum made this one!

Enjoy... Sorry did not go to the Chinese Garden where there's a lantern festival. It's just to hazy to go out. So no pictures of lanterns.


Jazzy said...

happy festival!

is there any chance i can come for a celebration? ;)


Sally said...

Beautiful packaging. I have never eaten moon cakes. This weekend will be avery busy one at Sydney airport (and othe rOz airports) - moncakes are banned imports - to do with the egg ingresients. But lots are made here.

Jing said...

hey, happy Mid-autumn festival(later)!
and I like the last mooncake, it looks so nice! you are so lucky!!!, I noticed many new types of mooncakes appeared...also can buy the"bing2 pi2" ones, and even some ice-cream mooncakes too.
The cantonese style and Su style mooncakes are still the main stream in the market.

have a nice weekend!

wmw said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did a post on mooncakes too, from Chynna Restaurant, KL Hilton.

I seemed to have outgrown the conventional mooncakes, nowadays being a true fool, I get taken in by packaging instead! Hee hee...

~tanty~ said...

Those cakes look yummy yummy! Can I have the recipe for "ping1 pi2" skin mooncake?

Unknown said...

jazzy, sure, pop by when you are in Singapore!

sally, ya, I am sure they will be so busy. They are always digging out stuff in Kingsford.

jing, ya, this year I did not try Haagan Dazs mooncake though, the ones that we wanted, ran out.

wmw, you have great food pictures. yummy...

tanty, I can ask my mum for the recipe and send them to you.

~tanty~ said...

Thanks a lot. I will check my inbox every day :)

Unknown said...

I really like these shots! Yummy!