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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Airport Series - T2 Changi - Free Internet

With so many shops, restaurant, etc in Changi Airport, you would not bored. Just in case you get bored, you can also use the FREE!! Internet terminals available around the airport!

Examples of the Internet Terminals.

If you are like tanty - Stavenger DP, visitng Changi this Sunday, you can find them in Terminal 2 at the following areas:
- Chair Spa
- iConnect
- Near Gate E5
- Near GST Refund
- Near Transfer E & F
- All Boarding Gates
- Skyplex
- The Oasis

For details of Terminal 1, maybe you should visit the airport website, wonder if it's listed there. In any case, all boarding gates have internet access anyway :-p

Now there is no more excuse not to visit "The Keropok - Singapore Daily Picture" haha... If you have more time, visit all the DPs listed on the right! LOL...

If you are bringing your own laptop, you can plug into the Ethernet LAN points or dial-up to Singapore ISPs for free.

If you want wireless, it will cost $6 for 30 mins.

(No, I don't work for the airport if you are wondering.... )


Anonymous said...

i never know that there's so much things in airport you can do! what am i doing all the while when i'm inside there? LOL...

Anonymous said...

What? Free? That's awesome! If I had to be laid over in an airport, Changi is the place I wanna be! hehe... Not that I love to be delayed though~~ :P

JaamZIN said...

its really great that it is for free...actually I think internet has to be like radio. Being for free on the air.

Unknown said...

Min, ya, lots of things to do in Changi. haha..

Fay, yes, its free. If you get delayed in Changi, it might not be a bad thing haha.. The airline will most probably check you into the airport hotel, and you can spend your time exploring the airport! Shopping, eating, internet surfing and free feet massage too. (read Friday's post)

Zsolt72, let me tell you something. For 2 years from Jan 07, the Singapore govt just promised that there will be 2 years of free Wifi in most areas in Singapore! So like what you said, free on the air. It's true! LOL...

Jing said...
sounds really great!!
but here in China, we need pay if we want to read the information online...
lucky you are!!
have a nice weekend!!

Ovelikios said...

I was in Singapore in 1999 and I believe that is the place I hung out for some hours, that Internet place. But I may be wrong.

Sure, Changi has many things to do, you can spend an entire day there if needed, but then you could miss the chance to visit this beautiful city.

I definitely want to visit again.

Greetings from Greece